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Every pad we produce is truly North-American made. We are not in the business of re-packaging globally-sourced product. We maintain tong-term relationships with US and Canadian raw materials suppliers to ensure the consistency of our finished product’s quality. Our Facility was ISO certified (9001:2000) in April, 2008. We strive daily to improve our quality management system by constantly monitoring process performance. We have an in-house dedicated QC lab staffed with full-time technicians to ensure consistent product quality and adherence to ISO practices.

We routinely test our formulations with third-party labs to ensure consistent performance and quality. Here are some of the tests that we run:

• DEA (FMVSS 105)
• LACT (Los Angeles City Traffic Testing)
• SAE J2521 (Most Stringent Noise Testing)
• VESC V-3 Testing (Vehicle Equipment Safety Commission Regulation V-3)
• BEEP (Brake Effectiveness Evaluation Procedure Testing)

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